Thursday, 16 January 2014

Little owl

A little addition to my bestiary
this is about 4"x4"
Collage and posca pen on paper

Monday, 13 January 2014

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Sea Sketch

Third and final post for today. I'm not as prolific as this many posts would make it seem ! Just that quite a lot of things got finished today. I went down to Cape Cornwall today and absorbed the magnificent way the sea was roiling along and crashing on the rocks. I painted this in the studio to remind me what it was like. This is the only thing done from start to finish today.

It's also an hommage to Jim Wright, a painter and musician friend who was down there doing the real thing with a big painting board acting almost like a sail. What he was doing inspired me. You can see his work : HERE

It's the lower end of Kenidjack castle from Cape Cornwall.

Acrylic approx 6"x6"

Cornish Mines Project 2-Continued

 Acrylic and collage
Each one approx 8"x8"
These are the final two pieces for the Cornish mines project Part 2
The series of images all stems from my response to a photo I took on a walk around Levant Mine.
Have a look HERE to see the original image and some earlier pieces.
Now I can move on to my response to the third photograph in the series.

Purple Interlude

Had a little purple session to refresh me for carrying on with the mines project. It's good to just play at something completely different.

Acrylic and collage 8"x8"
Acrylic and collage

Acrylic and watersoluble pencils

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Cornish Mines Project 2

 This is the second image exploration for the Cornish Mines Project. This is the original photograph taken near Levant Mine in West Penwith, Cornwall.
 Here is the first collage exploration of that image

collage and acrylic 5"x5"
 This is a sketchbook response to the image and collage

 Asemic writing response to the original photo

Acrylic, watercolour pencils, calligraphy ink

each page A5
Acrylic and collage

8"x10" approx

First completed image